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How Your Safety Policies Impact Truck Driver Recruiting

The current Hours Of Service limitations means drivers are more concerned than ever with safety policies. Particularly where driver fatigue is concerned. Everybody knows it by now: Where the FMCSA’s 15-hour “driving + on-duty” limit formerly applied strictly to On The Job time, the current law—passed last December—imposes a limit of 14 hours, period. Which […]

With Truck Drivers, A Recruiter’s Work Is Never Done.

(Photo courtesy Omni  Studio) Retention is a recruiter’s most important job—and that means maintaining relationships even after the hire. Baggett Transportation’s Daniel Buckhannan has been a recruiter for trucking companies in Florida and Alabama. Formerly part of an operation employing over 1200 drivers, he jumped at the opportunity to join family-owned Baggett as Director of […]

Using CSA2010 To Your Advantage In Truck Driver Recruiting

More than ever, it’s important prospective drivers know you’re the kind of company that’s going to help them comply with regulations, and stay on the road. It’s also safe to say that drivers are not entirely happy with the new regulations. Drivers Speak Out. One Southeastern-based driver—whose comments were offered off the record at the […]

Truck Driver Recruiting: You Could Learn A Lot From The Mayor Of Newark

An employer brand that connects with the right candidates has to be built on truth, and truth starts with actions—not just words. Jason Seiden, author of How to Self-Destruct: Making the Least of What’s Left of Your Career, has written an excellent think-piece about the importance of building a brand on actionable truths about your company. And […]

Truck Driver Recruiting Lessons Learned On The School Bus

Some companies can actually benefit from tougher HR policies. The Big Question For Your Truck Driver Recruiting: How do you create a tough-minded organization that also appeals to drivers? The simple answer is: Very carefully! HR/Recruiting pro and blogger Tim Sackett, in an interesting article, “Life Lessons and Riding the School Bus”, shared some interesting […]

How Your Customers Impact Truck Driver Recruiting

In recruiting, you can, and should, promote a good customer base. IF you have one. Conversely, bad customers can be poison for recruiting efforts. The ADS Logistics blog features an interesting column addressing Driver Detention. Among the key points: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has proposed stricter guidelines on hours of service. Due […]

Video Interviewing. Tailor Made For Truck Driver Recruiting

Video interviewing is one of the top trends to watch in 2011. An investment as low as $40 in a reasonable-quality webcam can more than pay for itself with a single interview. After all, that one interview could be an opportunity you’d have lost otherwise. Granted, where the trucking industry is concerned, we’re still in […]